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Application for research fellowships by May 25,2017

The Foundation offers annual research fellowships that will lead to a treatment for ARSACS.  A $100,000 grant could be awarded for a period of one year with possibility for renewal for a second year. Researchers interested should apply at the latest  by May 25, 2017.  Application form



Save the date

Thursday October 26, 2017. Save the date so you will not miss the annual “Dîner des Producteurs”


Congratulations Caroline for raising $800 for ARSACS

Caroline, the mother of  a young girl with ARSACS, has decided to help ARSACS research by cooking and selling her products at school.  Her initiative raised $800.  Congratulations and thank you, Caroline, for your efforts.


"Dîner des Producteurs" 2016

The “Dîner des Producteurs” 2016 gets media coverage in the Montréal Centre-Ville virtual magazine.


$780,000 raised at the "Dîner des Producteurs"

The 1oth edition of the  “Dîner des Producteurs” held in Montreal on December 1,2016  raised  the net sum of $780,000 for ARSACS research. Thank you to all participants, sponsors, volunteers and donors for this great success !

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Next Board meeting on Monday December 19

The Foundation Board of Directors will meet on Monday December 19,2016 in Montreal.

Drug screening molecules- Analysis of first results

ARSACS researchers will be at the  Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer at the University of Montreal (IRIC) on December 13, 2016 to analyze in greater details the first results of the drug screening therapeutic molecules carried out over the last months . Stay tuned.

Fourth International Symposium on ARSACS

Several researchers from different countries participated in the 4th Symposium on ARSACS held on November 10 &11 at the Neuro in Montreal. This conference provided an opportunity for researchers to share their knowledge and to discuss the progress of their respective research.


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Collaboration with the University of Saskatchewan


 The Foundation is pleased to announce  a co-funding collaboration with the University of Saskatchewan, recognizing the strong support from the Richardson Family Fund, to advance medical research on ataxia of Charlevoix-Saguenay. Press Release


Success! Growth of cells from ARSACS patient skin

Dr. Paul Chapple’s lab has successfully grown cells from a small biopsy of ARSACS patient skin and has reprogrammed them to become stem cells which can turn into other cell types. The following step was to grow ARSACS neurons from such stem cells. This resulted in obtaining ARSACS patient neurons in a petri dish available for research; a useful tool for modelling the disease. Image 3 shows some of these neurons, and in particular their long axonal process. See  the following images:  Image 1: ARSACS fibroblast, Image 2: iPSC colonies, Image 3: ARSACS derived neurons, Image 4: ARSACS fibroblasts mitochondria.


Alliance between ARSACS Foundation and Ataxia UK

The Ataxia of Charlevoix-Saguenay Foundation and Ataxia UK are pleased to
announce a co-funding alliance to support and to advance medical research in the UK on ataxia
of Charlevoix-Saguenay. This alliance is clear evidence of openness and commitment towards ground-breaking research and future development in ataxias.
 Press release 



Care For Rare

Care4Rare Year 3 – progress report

Care4Rare is a research project to identify therapeutic leads for rare diseases such as ARSACS. The Foundation is financing the ARSACS portion under the leadership of Dr. Kym Boycott and Dr. Alex MacKenzie from the Children Hospital of Eastern Ontario.  Year 3 Progress Report



ARSACS case reported from South India

A group of researchers in South India under the leadership of Dr. M Suraj Menon
Department of Neurology, Government TD Medical College, Alappuzha
India have reported an ARSACS case from South India. See article.



Dr.Slaven Erceg

Publication by Dr. Erceg on hiPSC

Dr. Salven Erceg  from Spain has published an article  in the Neuroscientist on the human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC). This  article  is an outcome of the research  financed by the ARSACS Foundation.



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$1Million to 11 selected research projects for 2016-2017

11 research projects  will share  $1 million as part of the Foundation’s research program for 2016-2017.


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