"Characterizing and Ameliorating Axonal Transport Defects in ARSACS Mice"- Dr. Thomas Schwartz

In Current Research by ARSACS

Goal 1:  To select the most robust system in which to characterize transport defects in the sacsin -/- mouse.

Goal 2:  To test on sacsin -/- neurons those compounds identified in our screen that can enhance transport of mitochondria.

Goal 3: To screen directly in a sacsin -/- background for compounds that increase mitochondrial motility.

Goal 4: To determine the target protein(s) of compounds identified as promising in Goals 1-3.

Duration: one year
Grant: $99,637

Dr. Thomas L. Schwarz

Dr. Thomas L. Schwarz

Dr. Thomas L. Schwarz, Professor, F.M. Kirby Neurobiology Center Children’s Hospital, Boston and Dept.of Neurobiology
Harvard Medical School CLSB 12-130, 3 Blackfan Street, Boston, MA 02115
Tel:(617)-919-2219 (office) or (617)-919-2264 (lab)