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Dr. Francesca Maltecca

Start of a pilot drug treatment in mouse

Dr.Maltecca (Italy) has  started a pilot drug treatment in the Scacs KO mouse. The results should be known in few months.


Dr. Francesca Maltecca

Dr. Maltecca at the EMBO workshop in China

Dr. Maltecca will be presenting her  ARSACS  research data  at the EMBO workshop in China in June 2017.


Join the ARSACS team at the Scotiabank Charity Challenge Run in April

Less than a month to join the ARSACS Research Team for the Scotiabank Charity Challenge run in April .  Alanna Watt , a member of the  ARSACS research team , has created an ARSACS TEAM FOUNDATION. First, Register now for the run.  Second, register for Fundraising (search for the team or for Alanna Watt’s name).

If you are not able to participate, support the ARSACS Foundation by making a donation.



Application for research fellowships by May 25,2017

The Foundation offers annual research fellowships that will lead to a treatment for ARSACS.  A $100,000 grant could be awarded for a period of one year with possibility for renewal for a second year. Researchers interested should apply at the latest  by May 25, 2017.  Application form



Save the date

Thursday October 26, 2017. Save the date so you will not miss the annual “Dîner des Producteurs”


Congratulations Caroline for raising $800 for ARSACS

Caroline, the mother of  a young girl with ARSACS, has decided to help ARSACS research by cooking and selling her products at school.  Her initiative raised $800.  Congratulations and thank you, Caroline, for your efforts.


"Dîner des Producteurs" 2016

The “Dîner des Producteurs” 2016 gets media coverage in the Montréal Centre-Ville virtual magazine.


Drug screening molecules- Analysis of first results

ARSACS researchers will be at the  Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer at the University of Montreal (IRIC) on December 13, 2016 to analyze in greater details the first results of the drug screening therapeutic molecules carried out over the last months . Stay tuned.

Our Annual Fundraiser