Save the date: November 4th, 2021

Save November 4th, 2021 for the 6th International ARSACS Symposium. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Jeremy Schmahmann from the Massachusetts General Hospital. Half-day virtual conferences, free registration, opened to all. Details to come.

International Rare Disease Day : February 28th

The first international Rare Disease Day was celebrated in 2008 on February 29th, a rare date which occurs only every 4 years. Since then, the international Rare Disease Day has been held every year on the last day of February. This year, several online activities...

An excellent source of information on ARSACS

An excellent source of information on ARSACS published in the GeneReviews. GeneReviews is an online database containing peer-reviewed articles that describe specific diseases. It was established in 1997 by the University of Washington in the US.