As part of the congress organised by the International Federation of Human Genetcis Societies held on October 11 2011 in Montréal, there was an international symposium on ARSACS organised by Dr. Brais on October 17. In fact, 35 researchers attended the International Symposium on ARSACS. The participants from all around the world presented different research approaches on animal models. The objective of this symposium was to encourage collaboration between researchers and to create awareness of the Ataxia Charlevoix-Saguenay Foundation.

German researchers have published an article on ARSACS in the American Academy of Neurology, December 6, 2010 publication. Scientific articles on ARSACS, mainly clinical or genetic articles, are published regularly on ARSACS in scientific magazines. The American Academy of Neurology is a well-read magazine and is translated in several languages. See Article. Please note that the Foundation is not a member of the American Academy of Neurology and therefore only a summary of the article is available

The symposium honoured the exceptional contribution of the Canadian neurologist of international reputation, Jean-Pierre Bouchard, who described the condition in 1978. Click on the following link to consult the program of the ARSACS symposium

It is very encouraging to see that all the researches are working in the same direction. The symposium provided a great opportunity to share knowledge and ideas and indirectly contributed to the advancement of research on ARSACS. We send our thanks to all the contributors for the success of this event.

Some members of the ARSACS research team who attended the symposium.

1st row: Paul Chapple, Anne McKinney, Jean-Pierre Bouchard, Roxanne Larivière, Heidi McBride, and Stefan Pulst.
2nd row: Bernard Brais, Jason Young, José Barral, Eric Shoubridge,Peter McPherson, et Kalle Gehring