An international network of ARSACS centers is conducting a multi-center study to collect natural history data and biomarkers, essential data to initiate treatment for ARSACS. We encourage you in joining in these studies and thus supporting the preparation of future treatment trials.

As an ARSACS patient, all you need to do is an outpatient visit at one of the participating centers for a a blood test (Study #1 ) and MRI and blood sampling in the case of the more advanced study (Study #2 conducted only in centers in Quebec and Germany).

Study #1 “Participate in an International Natural History and Biomarker Study”

Study # 2 ” Finding specific imaging and fluid biomarkers for future ARSACS treatment trials”

Furthermore, Dr. Matthis Synofzik from University of Tubingen, Germany explains why ARSACS patients’ participation is very important in the development of a treatment.